Drink a Sip of Good Health

1) Litchi strengthens the immunity system

Vitamin C is an important requirement of our body. This is a vitamin which is not stored in our body. instead it gets flushed out in the form of sweat, urine etc. Hence it needs to be amply replenished in the body by intake of foods rich in vitamin C. Litchi is an excellent source of Vitamin C and hence it functions as a good antioxidant, enabling the body to counter attack a number of diseases like cold, flu, infections etc.

2) Litchi Increases the  Metabolism

Litchi is enriched with B-complex vitamins which helps in metabolism which further throws the extra nutrition out of our body. People having metabolism problems must have litchi intake to improve the rate. Add to this the fact that litchi is a flushing agent because it helps in dissolving fat from the body. 

3) Good for skin

Litchi is very good for glowing skin. Our skin is exposed to lot of dust, UV rays etc which not only makes it look dull but also fastens ageing. However intake of foods containing high antioxidants slows down the ageing process. Litchi is an ideal source of vitamin C and high water content which enables the body to flush out impurities and delay the ageing process, making the skin look fresh and radiant.

4) Promotes cardiovascular health

As discussed earlier, litchi is rich in antioxidant Vitamin C and also has high fiber content hereby ensuring a healthy heart. Litchi also helps in maintaining the cholesterol levels in the body by improving the flow of blood towards the heart and increasing the metabolism. Consuming foods rich in fiber reduces the risk of heart attacks, strokes and more. So get going, have litchis and relish a smiling heart.

5) Keeps your body hydrated

Being a water soluble fruit, litchi has high water content. Maintaining a strict dietary regime, exercises can often leave our body dehydrated. Intake of the right food is thus very important to stay healthy. Rich in potassium, litchi helps the body to maintain its water level which in further saves the heart from any stroke. In addition another minerals present in this magical fruit are  manganese, magnesium, iron, copper etc which helps in maintaining the blood pressure.

A little insight into the goodness of the fruit can leave us refreshed and a little more healthier.

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