Effects of the aerated and soda drinks

If you think a  glass or a can of cold drink can really quench your thirst, please read through these basic facts. Switch to various coolers, syrups, fruit juices etc offered by Sawariya.

The ill effects of the aerated and soda drinks are :

High sugar content

A single can of soda has around 10 teaspoonfuls of sugar which creates glucose imbalances in the body

Phosphoric Acid

The bodys ability to absorb calcium is impaired by the presence of phosphoric acid in the soda. This further slows down the digestion

Contains Caffeine

The sodas also contain caffeine causing cancers, irregular heart beats, high blood pressure.

Unsafe Water Used

The water that is used in the manufacturing of aerated drink is usually tap water with high chlorine content, fluoride and traces of heavy metals.


Consumption of aerated drinks also leads to obesity.

No Nutritional Value

here is no nutritional value in a can of soda. Its infact harmful to the body.

Teeth Problems

Plaque is a common problem suffered by those who consume soda drinks and other soft drinks regularly. 

What should you be consuming on a hot and parchy summer afternoon. What is it that will refresh your body, soul and mind and enrich you with power packed energy to carry on with the days routine. Try refreshing drinks from sawariya. Good in taste and promotes good health, the yare your perfect choice during summers

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