Give Away Colas - Say Yes to Non-Aerated Drinks

Colas are everywhere. People love to have them as "thirst-busters".  Surely these colas are  easily available, is cheap and its quite convenient to go and grab a cola to have a momentary refreshing moment. but have you ever considered the ill-effects of having cola on your system. The list is endless. These carbonated drinks can damage your body to a great extent.

Zero nutritional advantage
Drinking colas account for zero nutritional advantage. There is practically no benefit of drinking colas. They largely contain refined sugar which is harmful to the body.

Leads to weight increase
The weight increase and obesity is largely related to the consumption of sodas. A lot of researches have been done and it has been concluded that the calorie content of these soda is very high which amounts to obesity and weight gain. The person consuming soda has a higher risk of weight gain than one who refrains from cola intake.

Weak Bones
The chances to develop Osteoporosis increases in those who have colas on a regular basis. Cola consumption leads to loss of calcium and hence weakening of the bones.

Dental problems
The tooth enamel is severely impaired by excessive cola consumption. The teeth is more susceptible to decaying as they become very weak and sensitive. To prevent the decaying of tooth, one must consume less soda specially in between meals.

Colas increases the risk of diabetes. Its a complete "NO" to those who are already suffering from diabetes. It aggressively increases the sugar content in the body by impairing the body's ability to process sugar.

Damage of kidney
Say a "NO" to the soda if you want your kidney in perfect health. Excessive consumption of sodas can lead to stones in the kidney. 

Blood Pressure Problem
Soda consumption is detrimental to the blood pressure levels. Excessive intake amounts to increased blood pressure. 

Liver malfunctioning
Once again, colas have a harmful effect on the liver. Excessive intake might rupture the working of the liver and lead to chronic diseases like liver cirrhosis.

Digestion Problems
Being a highly acidic drink, colas are highly injurious for the digestive system. 

High caffeine content
The colas have high caffeine content which not only  leads to dehydration but also leads to restlessness, insomnia, excessive urination etc.

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