Health Benefits of Almonds

Almonds surely are highly nutritious. The health benefits of almonds are varied. They are a storehouse of vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc. They contain high level of unsaturated fatty acids which helps in preventing the coronary and cardiovascular diseases. 

Being rich in calcium, magnesium, protein etc, almonds are a must for everydays diet. Having 2-3 almonds a day can make up for a healthy nutrition. It also aids in fighting against a number of diseases including diabetes. 

Heart benefits
Almonds promote the heart health. Having the nutrient rich almonds helps in promoting a healthy heart. Almonds are quite rich in magnesium and hence it helps in preventing the heart attacks and hyper-tension. 

Weight Balance
Almonds are the best snacks one can opt for. being nutrient rich, packed with high fiber, protein, one has a feeling of heavy stomach by consuming few almonds. Thus there is no urge to over eat. 

"Badam Fruit Drink" from Sawariya is a healthy drink which gives instant refreshment and energy. Packed with lots almonds it can be consumed in combination with hot milk or chilled milk as preferred.

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