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Sawariya brings in for you a wide range of refreshing drinks which acts as a cooler in the scorching heat of the sun. If you are looking for some instant refreshment and a boost of energy, try out the various drinks from Sawariya. People usually opt for sodas as it is easily available, tasty and its convenient to grab a bottle and drink it. Moreover it is cheap and it does quench the thirst instantly. However little we realize that these sodas are so harmful to the body in the long run. Its is useless and leads to weight gain, diabetes, dental problems and so many more. It further damages the kidney and leads to an increased blood pressure. So here you have umpteen number of reasons why you should stop consuming colas and opt for some healthy refreshing drinks which includes pineapple syrup, orange syrup, green mango syrup, ripe mango syrup, masala shikanji, varity of squashes and more.

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Yashwi Beverages (Unit II), C/O Manyawar4, Mission Market Marwaripatty, Nagaon, Assam, India, 782001
Yashwi Beverages (Unit II), C/O Manyawar4, Mission Market Marwaripatty
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